Now let's have the puppy!
— The Bull taunting before a siege
The Bull
Personal Information
Real Name Angus McLoud
Nicknames The Bull
Appears on Stronghold 2/deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age about late 40s
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Archers


Siege Engines Catapults

Battering Rams

Angus McLoud is a character appearing in Stronghold 2. He is a leader of a Scottish clan named after himself and works for Lord Barclay, who presumably pays good money for him.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Bull, rather like the Hammer, is bald and does not bear a helmet. He has his face painted in the design of a Scottish saltire.

In terms of his personality, while the Bull is a brute, he is also selfless and does things for the clan and for his allies rather than just for himself. He acknowledges his soldiers' hard work when they manage to conquer estates. He enjoys taunting his enemies, while also mocking his allies if they don't join in with a siege or if he manages to kill an enemy before them.

Story in the Path of WarEdit

The Bull is encountered first at a borderland in Sir Grey's territory. It is revealed that McLoud is a long rival of Sir Grey and the crown, getting the upper hand against him as his ally, Pascal Deveraux contains him in his own lands. Matthew Steele rides to his help and relieves the siege, however McLoud starts a counter-siege against him with the support from Olaf. After an unsuccessful battle, he must flee on horseback from an impending assault by Steele and prepares for a comeback.

When following the blue path, the Bull brings an enormous army together with the Hawk and the Hammer, after the Hawk's vassals are killed by Steele. He attempts to bring down the player's defenses, but ultimately his army is decimated, along with his partners' forces, yet he is able to flee unharmed.

He returns for a second time during the siege of Lord Barclay's castle. This time the lord himself joins in the battle and bravely fights with the King's forces, who manage to deflect this attack and McLoud is finally killed.

If the green path is chosen, he turns up with an army to assist Steele in his quest against Sir William. After Steele successfully captures the island of Upwey, he assists the player with his soldiers. Suddenly, Sir Grey is coming with an even bigger army to teach Matthew a lesson, but he is murdered during a major battle. Angus dies during the battle, or after a weak attempt against William's fort. It is possible to complete the mission without the Bull dying, but it needs a lot of hard work to do so.

In KingmakerEdit

The Bull is one of the most aggressive opponents in the game. He is very similar to The Pig in Stronghold Crusader in that he places more emphasis on soldiers rather than walls to defend his castle. He also uses similar units to the Pig and, like him, attacks with brute force rather than clever tactics. However he is more caring of his own people, is less greedy, and has a better economy than The Pig.

He has a quite well-managed economy based on ale consumption and iron, as well as he constructs a Lord's Kitchen to serve pigs and vegetables for a small honor bonus. Every type of food is produced and many weapons' workshops provide the efficiency of weapon production. He buys in ale to supply his inns.

The Bull's castle is rather weak. It has a form of skull made of wooden walls, which leave only one entrance with wooden gates. Two outposts are located on the west and the east side, where crossbowmen are stationed. The entrance is filled with man traps, as well as the northern wall section. Most wall segments are protected by a moat from the inside.

Angus spends most of his money on constructing his castle, but later then, he can raise a big army. He sends small groups consisting of outlaws and macemen to harass his enemies, sometimes accompanied by some catapults. He also guards and takes estates this way. This troops are devastating, if one is unprepared, but they can be defeated by armored troops and crossbowmen.

His siege force consists of macemen and archers. When erecting his siege camp, many laddermen, 4-5 catapults, some mantlets and a battering ram comes out. If open wall segments are available, he will amass the laddermen there and the brutal macemen may bring down any defenders they encounter. The catapults and rams will seek targets and keep pumping stones on them until they are brought down. This attack method is speedy and destructive, but in attrition situations it is likely to be deflected.


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