Apple Farm
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Apple producer
Cost 5 wood

20 wood (SH3, SHC2)

The apple farm, also known as the apple orchard, is a basic and cheap Food producer.

Description Edit

Apple orchards are large yards where apple is grown. One farmer works here, who collects apples into baskets and delivers them to the granary every now and then. Apple farms must be placed on fertile land like every other farm. Although they host only one farmer each, more farmers can collect from the same farm if apples are not yet available on other farms.


Apples are a commonly favored food by players, because the apple orchard costs a low amount of wood and it has a high productivity rate (produces apples quickly). Tactically apples are most suited at the beginning of the game when the player cannot afford wheat farms, mills and bakeries at once and absolutely need food. They can also serve as a primary source of income early-game.


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