The Arabian Bowman is a light, ranged mercenary unit in Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader 2.


The Arabian bowman is a long-ranged unit equipped with a shortbow. It can be considered as a heavier counterpart of the regular archer. Both units share similar statistics, however the Arab bowman has a higher firerate in exchange for a higher price and it can survive a little longer. It is most effective against units with low health. They can also use braziers to light pitch ditches and fire blazing arrows at the enemy when on the defense.

Arabian bowmen cost gold and they are recruited at the mercenary post.


The Arabian Archer is mainly used for defense because of his firerate and durability in towers. In large numbers, they can kill even armored units in a short time. They perform excellent against enemy crossbowmen, who are slow to reload and shoot. Igniting pitch ditches with flaming arrows is also an Arab Bowman's work, frying large enemy squads to death. Massed Arab bowmen can single-handedly hold back medium-sized armies, however they are quite expensive to recruit and replace.

Due to their high speed, Arab bowmen are very good support/harassment troops. They can minimize distance in a very short time and they can catch up to provide covering fire for friendly units or terrorize enemy workers. All the Arabian computer lords use them for these purposes, as well as the Snake and Wolf. These lords (with the exception of the Nizar, Emir and Wolf) also use them during sieges. They are probably the most commonly used unit by the AI in single player Stronghold Crusader.


Arabian bowmen are very frail and thus quickly fall for burst damage, be it from a crossbowman's deadly bolt or a heavy sword. Mounted knights and macemen possess higher speed and thus can rapidly dispatch clusters of Arabian archers. Projectiles from afar also make short work of an Arabian bowman alone.


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