Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected We await orders!
Arch s2



Archers, ready! 

My bow is yours. 


Arch s1
Arch s3
Arch s4
Arch s5
Arch s6

Moving off! 

We are on our way. 

Leaving, now!

Arch m1
Arch m2
Arch m3
Invalid location Can't get there, Lord.
Arch m4

Arrows... away! 

Arrows, ready! 

Notch arrows! 

Finding... targets! 

Take steady aim!

Arch ATKA1
Arch ATKM1
Arch ATKM2
Arch ATKM3
Arch ATKM4
Heavy target We shall fight.
Arch ATKH1
Invalid target Can't target him, sir!
Marching That's quite a run!
Arch m5
Digging moat

Dig for victory! 

Into the water! 

Off to the moat!

Arch Moat1
Arch Moat2
Arch Moat3
Lighting pitch Let it burn!
Arch Light Pitch1
Disband We're gone.
Arch Disband1

Action Quote Sound

Your mark, sire?

Bowmen, string up!

We are your men.

Your loyal archers.

Our bows shall sing.

We are prepared.

Bowmen, make ready!

Yes, sire?

Our strings are waxed.

Just give us a target.

Arch S1
Arch S2
Arch S3
Arch S4
Arch S5
Arch S6
Arch S7
Arch S8
Arch S9
Arch S10

We move.

We are on our way. 


Archers moving.

The men are in good spirits.

Bowmen, on the move!

Look sharp, lads!

Settin' out.

Good. Our bows grow impatient!

Action, stations lads!

Arch M1
Arch M2
Arch M3
Arch M4
Arch M5
Arch M6
Arch M7
Arch M8
Arch M9
Arch M10
Invalid location Can't reach there, sire.
Arch MC1
Marching O'er the hill and dale!
Arch ML1
Aggressive stance This land is ours!
Arch Aggressive
Defensive stance Keep back, lads!
Arch Defensive
Stand ground Hold your ground!
Arch Guard
Patrolling Patrol, assigned.
Arch Patrol
Open formation

Spread out, lads!

Arch Open
Defensive knot Bunch up!
Arch Knot
Column formation Move to column!
Arch Column
Line formation Move to line!
Arch Line
Filling in moat

Dig, boys!

Into the water!

Quickly lads, fill it in!

Arch Moat1 SH2
Arch Moat2 SH2
Arch Moat3 SH2
Manning rock basket Bows down, use the rocks!
Arch MS1
Manning walls Get up on those walls!
Arch MW1
Lighting pitch

Aim for the pitch!

Light the pitch!

Let it burn!

Let it burn!

Light it up!

Up in smoke!

Arch Light Pitch1 SH2
Arch Light Pitch2
Arch Light Pitch3
Arch Light Pitch4
Arch Light Pitch5
Arch Light Pitch6
Disband Our fighting days are over.
Arch Disband1 SH2

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