Here are the quotes of the assassin.

Quotes in Stronghold 2Edit

Action Quote Sound

Our target?

We are prepared.

The blade is sharp.

My soul is hungry.

Avenging angel.

We are ready to fly.

A hen and eagle.


Your command.

We are your eyes.


Legs wind.

You will hear nothing.

The snake moves.

Like a shadow.

I'll obey.

As the soft desert wind.

We fly.


We will spring from nowhere.

Death to your enemies.

Invalid location Impossible, I cannot.
Marching The long march.
Aggressive stance We will fight all your enemies!
Defensive stance We'll keep watch here.
Stand ground We shall guard the land.
Patrolling Like the silent breeze.
Open formation

Spirit of the wind.

Defensive knot The closed fist.
Column formation The snake.
Line formation The line of the wolf.
Filling in moat

No, my master!

Please, it is beneath me!

What a waste of nice skills!

Manning rock basket Will we be seen?
Manning walls Our ropes are ready.
Disband A peaceful life awaits.

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