The Blacksmith will produce swords or maces at the Blacksmith's Workshop for Swordsman, Knights, or Maceman. The blacksmith will go to the Stockpile for 1 ingot of Iron and carry it back to the Blacksmith's Workshop. The Iron will be molded and pounded into the sword or mace and then carried to the Armoury.

Selecting a Blacksmith's Workshop will bring up the control panel allowing weapon manufacture change or the Zzz (sleep) control stopping manufacture and returning the peasant to the campfire.

Cost Edit


20 Wood 200 Gold

Stronghold CrusaderEdit

20 Wood 200 Gold

Stronghold 2Edit

Stronghold LegendsEdit

Stronghold Crusader ExtremeEdit

Sword Edit

The sword is a weapon that is needed for the training of the swordsman and the knight units. It is made of iron by a Blacksmith. Currently the units that utilize the sword as a weapon have the best damage rating out of the infantry units ("Very high" as shown in the Stronghold manual).

Mace Edit

A Mace is a heavy bashing weapon used by macemen, and are made out of iron.