General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Igniting arrows
Cost 50 gold (Stronghold 2)
20 gold (Stronghold Crusader 2)

Braziers are torches that allow archers to shoot fire arrows.


Braziers can be placed on walls, towers, gatehouses, and the keep for free. When an archer or Arabian bowman stands near it, he fires fiery arrows that can be used to ignite pitch ditches, frying units passing through the flames. Fire arrows do normal damage against most units, but a bit more against soldiers with metal armor.

Crossbowmen, horse archers and ballistae are unable to ignite their arrows even if they stand near a brazier. Oppositely, fire ballistae carry their own supply of fire bolts and they do not require braziers.

Stronghold 2Edit

Braziers cost 50 gold to place and require units to stand closer to it than in the previous games. Fiery arrows deal noticably higher damage than regular shots and are effective against any troops. Only archers may ignite their arrows.

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