Carter's post
Carter's post
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2

Stronghold Legends

Usage Goods delivery
Cost 10 wood

 The Carter's Post is a transport building in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends.


The carter post hosts a horse cart and a driver similar to the saw pit. It can be instructed to deliver goods from one estate to another, either for one delivery or continuously. Any types of goods except for gold and honor can be delivered, to a maximum of 50 for one cart. The carter then visits either the target estate's stockpile, granary or armoury and unload the goods.

Village estates usually build carters and automatically send goods at a modest rate. They can be manually overridden and set a custom rate, however, as well multiple carter posts can be built in any friendly estate.


Carter posts are very useful if the player has multiple estates. Since you can build in village estates, you can quickly boost their economy and transfer various products to your own estate, either to supply your industry or sell surplus goods for gold. The more estates produce you goods, the better your economy becomes. However, it is best not to overly depend on estates, since the enemy can capture them and use the economy there to boost their own industry.

Carters are invaluable in team games. Since there is no option to instantly send goods like in Stronghold Crusader, the trade between players will heavily depend on the utility of carters. This opens up new economical strategies, as the two (or more) players can decide what they produce and they can equalize their economies so the other teammates will not suffer from shortages.

Carters are best placed near estate borders (the ones that villages build should be relocated), so that they will take less time between two trips.

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