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General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Provides popularity bonus

and honour bonus (SH2)

Cost 500 gold

50 stone, 500 gold (SH2)

The Church is a religious building and one of the sources of popularity.

Stronghold and CrusaderEdit

Churches are large buildings, which are costly in terms of building. They require a large area to build on and produces only a priest. However, the church helps faith coverage and besides it, it grants a +1 constant popularity bonus. Multiple churches will not give additional popularity.

Stronghold 2Edit

One church can be sited, which hosts a priest. The church holds masses periodically, which is visited by many peasants and families. Masses provide a constant popularity bonus, but constantly consume candles at a given rate. The speed of consumption can be set by a slider (much like the granary): the more on the right the slider is, the faster the candles are used. There are 5 rates, ranging from +0 to +8 bonus.

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