Constable Briggs
Credits10 - Copy
Personal Information
Real Name John Briggs
Nicknames None
Appears on Stronghold 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age Early 50s
Strategical Information
Melee Troops
Ranged Troops
Siege Engines

 Constable Briggs is a minor character appearing in Stronghold 2.


Constable Briggs is dispatched for the player as a military advisor. He supplies him with advices as well as he notifies upon upcoming invasions and attacks. He is dispatched by the King to help the player deal with wolves, the outlaws and later a furious Edwin Blackfly.

In the Path of War, Briggs is sent by Sir William to help Steele fend off the attacks of Olaf Grimtooth. He stays with him and helps wherever possible to maximize the chances to successfully complete his missions.

In a retrospective, it is revealed that Briggs was the one, who noticed the attempt of the Hawk to dislodge the King from his throne by disarming the Royal Guard. Briggs was helpless to stop him, but his best bet was notifying the King and advising him to hide into the shadows to keep him out of the trouble.

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