Criccieth Castle
Personal Information
Real Name N/A
Nicknames N/A
Appears on Stronghold 2
Physical Information
Gender N/A
Age 1230s - 1280s
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines N/A

Criccieth Castle is an old Welsh castle located on a rocky outcrop at Tremadog Bay, Criccieth. It is one of the castles in the Historic Siege pack and Conquest Trail in Stronghold 2. It should also be noted that Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Breif HistoryEdit

The castle was first built at some point between the 1230s and the 1280s by Llewelyn the Great and Llewelyn the Last (the last true Prince of independant Wales).

Upon its capture by Edward I of England's forces in 1283, the castle was heavily rebuilt under the leadership of James of Saint George. In the winter 1294, Prince Madoc ap Llewelyn, a relative of Llewelyn the Last, began a rebellion and besieged Criccieth Castle, along with the castles at Harlech and Aberystwyth.

After the siege and the Madoc Rebellion failed, the castle was used as a prison until its capture in the more successful Glyndwr Rebellion. The castle was burnt down by Glyndwr's forces and still has scorch marks on the walls to prove it. Since then, the castle has remained in ruins, maintained by Cadw, the Welsh Govenment, and is now a tourist attraction.

In GameEdit

Awaiting information

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