Crime is a mechanic in Stronghold 2 that contributes to negative popularity.


Some people among the townsfolk may not be satisfied with their jobs and they could try to earn they living through crime. In Stronghold 2, peasants start abandoning their jobs, become criminals, and steal food from the granary every now and then. Crime is combated through the use of guard posts manned by guards stationed around the castle to apprehend the criminals for rehabilitation or execution at the various torture engines, after being tried by the judge in the courthouse.

Criminals have a -1 popularity effect and they remove food from the granary with every successful attempt. The stolen food cannot be retrieved, even if the thief is caught by the guards while he is on the way home. Their negative effect is only neutralized when their trial starts.

Criminals that are being punished net 1 honour every month. Torture engines have varying rehab time: ones with shorter duration also come with higher costs and the additional requirement of a torturer.

List of Torture EnginesEdit

Used by the judge

Used by a torturerEdit

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