The crossbowman is a powerful artillery unit trained in the barracks.


Crossbowmen are ranged units, wearing leather armor and equipped with a crossbow. They move somewhat slowly with their gear, but their shots are penetrative through all kinds of armour. They can also withstand several shots and hits thanks to their leather, but perform poorly in melee combat.

Crossbowmen possess slightly less range than archers and reload much slower. However, they can take out most unarmored units in one hit and ones in leather armor in a few hits more. Metal armour is fairly resistant against crossbow bolts though and requires squads of these troops to take down a soldier wearing it. Most siege engines and shields can absorb rains of bolts before they die. 

Crossbowmen are fairly cheap to recruit and they need one piece of crossbows and leather armour from the armoury. In Stronghold Crusader 2, they require metal armour instead of a leather one.


Crossbowmen are best used in the castle's defense, effectively in picking off troops from a range. They are best used against armored troops and siege equipment close by. They are unable to use braziers, but their shot power greatly makes up for it.

They are also excellent at defending open positions and choke-points, especially when they are supported by mantlets. They can soften up rushes of horse archers and macemen, while they can repeatedly retreat and fire on slow troops in metal armour.

Crossbowmen are also good at besieging lightly defended castles, especially if the defense is made up mostly from archers. Even if the enemy uses towers and walls to gain them range and height advantage, the crossbowmen's high damage output can soften their ranks up considerably.


For the quotes of the crossbowman, see: Quotes:Crossbowman.


  • Crossbowmen are used by the Wolf, Sheriff, Frederick and the Pig in Stronghold Crusader, by The Bull, The Hammer, The Queen, and The Bishop in Stronghold 2, by The Wolf, The Pig, The Emperor, The Templar and The Jackal in Stronghold Crusader 2.
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