Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm sh
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Food production
Cost 10 wood

15 wood (SH3)
60 wood (SHC2)

 The dairy farm is a food producer and a source of cheese.

Cheese Edit

Dairy farms produce cheese. Production of cheese begins once you place a dairy farm on oasis grass. Once the worker arrives at the farm, he will sit and wait till three cows have been bred; once that has occurred he will proceed with milking them. He will then pour the milk into a bucket and wait for it to harden into cheese, which he will then take to the granary (three cheese wheels per trip).

Leather Edit

Dairy farms' secondary use aside from food is leather production. Once you have placed a leather workshop, the tanner will proceed to a dairy farm, take a cow back to her workshop, and kill it, then making it into leather armor (provided, of course, that you have a dairy farm and a cow). This hinders cheese production.

Dairy cow Edit

Cows perform a three-fold purpose in Stronghold. Their main function is in dairy farms, where they produce cheese.

They are then led away for slaughter, usually by a tanner for leather armour.

Their final function is to be launched by a catapult or trebuchet at the enemy fortress. Upon impact a poison cloud will appear. Workers contacting it will sicken and die, while soldiers slowly lose health. Note that apothecaries can provide some resistance to this effect.

Cows can be shot at (and killed) with bows and crossbows and killed by infantry and cavalry.


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