The dragoon harpoon is a defense engine in Stronghold Legends.


The harpoon replaces the tower ballista from the previous Stronghold games. It is a topped-up ballista operated by 2 engineers. It fires three giant arrows simultaneously with a high firerate, dealing good damage. It is only usable against flying units: the white witch, the bat and dragons.


Harpoons can be sited on an engine tower, only one on each of them. Dragon harpoons are accessible for all factions. It is a basic defense engine.

The harpoon operates best against dragons, as they are the biggest possible target to encounter. It also works favourably against clusters of witches and bats, since they have low health and fall easily to a few arrow volleys.

However, due to the unability of targeting ground units, the harpoon is helpless against these units. Moreover, they have low health, falling from a few arrows, which means that even white witches in numbers may decimate them easily.

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