A gatehouse/drawbridge in Crusader, with moat and Crossbowmen.

The Drawbridge is attached to the Gatehouse to cross a Moat place around one's castle, and can be manually opened and closed. When an enemy troop is near, in which the drawbridge (and gatehouse) will close automatically, although you can override it by manually opening it again.

In all versions except for Legends, in which the drawbridge is not available, the drawbridge/gatehouse can be manually opened to send a counter-attack. Otherwise, the drawbridge will remain opened, allowing peasants/troops to go to their destinations.

In Stronghold 2, the drawbridge does not exist as a distinct building. Instead, it is a feature of the Large Gatehouse, which supports a big drawbridge, automatically operated with the gate when it opens/closes.

Cost: 10 wood in Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader

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