Fletcher's Workshop
Fletcher upclose
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Bow/crossbow production
Cost 20 wood

100 gold/
200 gold(SH)

The Fletcher's Workshop is used to produce bows and crossbows.

Fletcher carryingwood
Fletcher carryingbow


A fletcher works here, who needs wood to craft his weapons. Bows are very easy and fast to produce, although crossbows worth more on the market. Crossbows may even need more wood for the process. The fletcher is also notable for moving slow with his jipped legs. The shop can be set manually to create either bows or crossbows. Bows need 2 wood, while crossbows take 3 wood to be crafted (in Stronghold 2, they both take 1 wood). New weapons are taken to the armoury. Bows are taken by archers and crossbowmen take crossbows as they are recruited. Mercenary troops equipped with bows do not need weapons from the armoury.

Placement tipsEdit

  • Place the workshop between the stockpile and armoury, so the fletcher will not have to take a long route when he is out for collecting wood or delivering weapons.
  • Leave some space between workshops or place some wells near them in order to minimize fire damage.


  • As with many production buildings in Stronghold Crusader, the workshop will have a half-triangular roof if placed adjacent to a wall section.



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