Food in Stronghold is represented by the "food materials" (meat, cheese, apples, and bread) that, in conjunction with the granary, can be used to increase the popularity and honour of the player, or to prevent the negative effects of the lack of food rations.

Types of foodEdit

  • Meat - Produced by Hunter's Posts, this food type relies on the presence of deer packs.
  • Cheese - Produced by Dairy Farms, the income of this food type is badly affected by the making of leather armour as the cows are slaughtered by the tanner in order to skin them for the making of the armour.
  • Apples - Very effective income in the beginning, but later on the large size of the Apple Farms limits the number of farms that can be placed.
  • Bread - Produced by Bakeries that need to be supplied with flour from the Mills that, in turn needs wheat from the Wheat Farms. This "food chain" takes a lot of time to start, but is easily the most effective one afterwards.

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