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General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Extending supply limit
Cost 6 wood

A hovel is the basic building for the Stronghold games, which provides housing for peasants. In Crusader, it appears as a desert hut.

Hovels take little space to site on and they are cheap to build. However, they are weak and easily fall to any combat unit, including melee attackers. Fire also poses a threat to them, but hovels tend to crumble well before they could spread it.

Hovels have a critical role as they provide supply. Losing several of them can severely hinder recruitment, if left unnoticed. Their considerably low price and hence the little effort taken to replace them can somewhat mitigate this fact, but their vulnerability always makes them one of the most important buildings.

Capacity systemEdit

In Stronghold 3 and Crusader 2, houses provide varying capacity based on their distance from the keep. Hovels placed closer to the keep can house more peasants. The different types of hovels with capacities:

Stronghold 3 Stronghold Crusader 2
Hovel name Capacity Hovel name Capacity Cost

Town house

10 House 8 65 wood
Large house 8 Hut 6 50 wood
House 6 Small hut 2 20 wood
Big Hut 4
Hut 2




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