Hunter's Post
Hunters hut
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Meat producer
Cost 5 wood

The hunter's post is a cheap Food producing building.


A hunter works in this building with his tracking dog, who ventures out and hunts animals for their meat. He uses a bow to kill venison and then brings back their corpse to his hut, where he processes their meat, which is then brought to the granary. One hunter brings 6 units of meat with one delivery.

Hunting can be a reliable source of food, but its effectiveness heavily depends on the distance and number of deer herds. Using numerous hunters can lead to over-hunting and eventually removing all deer from the map. Some maps contain no deer and therefore hunter posts cannot be built, although meat is still available in the market.

Hunters are among the few workers that can actually defend themselves. They fight with their pocket knife in melee combat and shoot at enemy troops and wolves with their bow when there are no animals to hunt nearby, however they can be killed with one arrow. Hunters will gather meat from rabbits, but they will attack when they are near them.

Stronghold 2Edit

Hunters can hunt a wider variety of animals if they are present, namely pheasants, rabbits and deer. The tracking dog will run and deliver smaller animals to the granary, while the hunter will still bring the deer's meat himself. A pack of 4 pheasants will spawn for the hunter if there are no other hunt-able animals (rabbits, deer) in the perimeter. Hunters can also use their bows to attack incoming bears from range.


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