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Action Quote Sound

Who calls me?

You would have my help.

Be quick with it.

Do you have a request?

I long for the chill of winter!

I am the queen of winter!

I'm listening.


You have a favour to ask of me?

What do you want of your queen?

Ice queen s1
Ice queen s2
Ice queen s3
Ice queen s4
Ice queen s5
Ice queen s6
Ice queen s7
Ice queen s8
Ice queen s9
Ice queen s10

With the power of winter!

Make way.

We move.

As the chill wind blows.

Out of my way!

The queen shall march.

The ice moves.

I will bring winter with me!

Where do I fight?

Make way for the Queen!

Ice queen m1
Ice queen m2
Ice queen m3
Ice queen m4
Ice queen m5
Ice queen m6
Ice queen m7
Ice queen m8
Ice queen m9
Ice queen m10
Invalid location Please, don't waste my time!
Ice queen mc1
Marching This better be worth it!
Ice queen ml1
New order As you say.
Ice queen new order
Filling in moat

Think again!

How dare you...

What impudence!

Ice queen moat1
Ice queen moat2
Ice queen moat3
Manning walls I will command the walls!
Ice queen mw1

Let winter fall!

I will cleanse these lands.

Let the ice caress them!

These traitors will freeze!

Ice queen atkw1
Ice queen atkw2
Ice queen atkw3
Ice queen atkw4
Heavy target

Snow and ice, help me now!

By all the powers of winter!

This will be a bitter battle.

How dare they?

Ice queen atks1
Ice queen atks2
Ice queen atks3
Ice queen atks4
Disband Arrrggh!
Ice queen disband1

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