Here are the quotes of the knight.

Quotes in Stronghold and CrusaderEdit

Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected We await your orders.
Knight s4

You have something in mind?

What is your thinking?

My liege?

Our blades are keen.

Our horses are ready.

Knight s1
Knight s2
Knight s3
Knight s5
Knight s6

Let's ride!

Mount up!

To horse!

Knight m1
Knight m2
Knight m3
Invalid location We see no route.
Knight m4

We shall dispatch them!

For your honour!


Cut them down!

Knight ATKW1
Knight ATKW2
Knight ATKW3
Knight ATKW4
Marching Distance is no problem!
Knight m5
Digging moat

We don't dig.

That is beneath us.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm a knight.

Knight Moat1
Knight Moat2
Knight Moat3
Disband Oh, we'll leave them.
Knight Disband1

Quotes in Stronghold 2 and LegendsEdit

Action Quote Sound

Just say the word!

We go to battle.

"You" are my liege lord.

History awaits us!

We march.

My noble lord.

What troubles you, sire?

Our fates are entwined.

My sword is yours.

I follow your banner.


To battle!


This way!




Press on!




Moving (mounted)

Ride on!

Spur horses!

At the gallop!

Let's ride!

Invalid location The way is barred.
Marching Let's go.
Aggressive stance I'll kill anyone that comes near.
Defensive stance Let's make a stand here.
Stand ground Let me guard this place.
Patrolling I will patrol these lands.
Open formation

Open field!

Defensive knot Weakest to the center.
Column formation Marching formation!
Line formation Line up!
Filling in moat

It comes to this...

I rust in there!

I'm a knight, but I'll dig.

Manning rock basket Hurl stones at them!
Manning walls Take those walls!
Disband No, my liege!