The knight is a fast armored unit available from the barracks.


The knight is a noble soldier with heavy armament and armour, the best and most expensive soldier. Knights are an uncommon sight without a proper industry: a single one require lots of honour and gold to recruit, as well as he is very slow on foot. However, the knight is more than worth its price: his combat capabilities are unmatched, capable of dismantling even the measly swordsman in a matter of seconds. His health pool makes him not only much resistant to projectiles and blunt weapons, but two knights can defeat the lord if left undefended.

The knight can mount a warhorse, quickly changing from a struggling powerhouse to a thunderous charger: the mounted warrior has a very low base attack time and unmatched speed on horseback. The horse is not very durable though and is prone to be lost under fire.


Knights are the very late-game 'epic' units that can decide the flow of the game. Their combat capabilities are unparalleled and often times having the superior numbers of knights means victory for the better player.

Knights are excellent defenders and attackers alike. When on the defensive, knights can protect the lord in the keep, but also they can charge and sally forth to conduct counterattacks on the sieging armies. When mounted, they can quickly reinforce positions and help control estates.

Although knights pack quite a punch by themselves, their movement capabilities can be crippled in a matter of seconds when their horse dies. Missile troops under protection are good killers, especially with catapult and ballista support. Catapults can send knights flying, possibly killing them, when they land in a river or the woods.


For the quotes of the knight, see Quotes:Knight.


  • If you look closely at the knight through his visor, you can see his face.
  • Although knights do not have as much defense as swordsmen, the latter are not skilled enough to face the knights and they can easily kill them. 



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