The knight is a fast mounted melee unit available from the barracks.


Knights are powerful units, who possess powerful attack and strong armour. They are also the most expensive European units, as they require weapon, armor and horse from the stables. Their damage is devastating, especially to light-armoured units, and they can virtually steamroll any groups of enemies if caught off guard. Their speed is unmatched and these attributes make the knight a very good all-round unit.

Knights are very powerful and possess few weaknesses. They are most vulnerable when being stationary, either demolishing buildings or fighting. They are also not amassable due to the sheer number of stables and equipment they need, so they require good micro and care. The knight's biggest weakness is that it cannot attack units in elevated positions, such as the Lord and its bodyguards.


Knights are primarily used for harassment, destroying buildings and terrorizing enemy workers to set back economies. They are also good for sallying forth from a castle, destroying enemy soldiers and lightly guarded siege engines. They can target anything with ease, although crossbowmen are obstacles for them when used in great numbers. Fire is also effective against them, although they can escape the flames because of their speed. Note however they are much larger targets than invidiual infantry men primarily due to the size of their horse, making them more succeptible to archer fire than other units.


For the quotes of the knight, see: Quotes:Knight.


  • Although knights do not have as much defense as swordsmen, they are actually able to defeat them. Normally, a swordsman will kill a knight with some spare health left. However, in larger groups, this is different. In large battles, even if the knights are outnumbered 3 to 1, the knights will effectively steam roll through swordsmen with ease, specifically due to their speed which means they will stack at the front much earlier than swordsmen can. This is hard to do in game due to the limitations of creating knights, but can be observed in the map editor.
  • As a sign of their uppercrust status, knights speak in a Southern posh accent. 



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