The templar knight is a durable melee unit available from the barracks.


The Templar knight is the successor of the knight. Its attributes make them pretty much the same devastating units as before: their high attack and health make them walking powerhouses on the battlefield, even contesting the Lord in combat capabilities. When mounting a horse from the stables, they become a frontline charger and spell doom on any disorganized formation. Their cost is very high though: they require a mace, metal armour and lots of gold.

The templar knight cannot attack buildings while on horseback.


Templar knights lost little utility: they are the ultimate melee combatant and a decisive force used in fights to gain the upper hand. They are as versatile as ever: they are suitable for harassment, wreaking havoc in the enemy industry and leading the final charge in a siege. They are also good for sallying forth from a castle, destroying enemy soldiers and lightly guarded siege engines. Really, the only limiting factor of using the templar knight is a setback in the economy or the inavailability of horses in the stables.

Mass crossbowmen or combined arms are the bane of knights: sturdy units and armour-penetrating crossbowmen bolts can stall and decimate them. Prolonged fires are also effective at removing mounts from beneath.


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