Lord's Kitchen/Pantry
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2

Stronghold Legends

Usage Royal food storage
Cost 10 stone (SH2)
Hotkey I

The Lord's Kitchen or Pantry, is a food storage for royal food.


The kitchen functions like the stockpile or granary for royal food producers: they all take their goods here, which will later be served at feasts for the lord and his guests. Feasts are regularly held and they provide an honor boost, depending on the food variety and the number of guests. The kitchen can store endless stocks of royal food.

The kitchen also provides the servants and cooks, who prepare the meal and serve them at the keep hall. The servants also deliver cloth to the bedchamber for the lady to sew dancing clothes if there is sufficient cloth in the stockpile.


The Lord's kitchen is a massive stone building with 6 peasants operating it. It is a costly investment in terms of manpower, but serves as a primary source of honor. Its durability also makes it an efficient substitute for walls, as well as it can host some troops on its rooftop.

Stronghold LegendsEdit

Stronghold Legends renames the Kitchen to Pantry. It resembles the granary in role as it only used for food storage, from which food is constantly consumed. Moreover, the consumption speed can also be adjusted, with more honor gained for a higher rate. Depending on the player's faction, three or four food types can be stored and traded at the pantry.


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