Here are the quotes of the maceman.

Quotes in Stronghold and CrusaderEdit

Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected Yes, boss.
Mace s2



We are the macemen!

Whatcha need?

Need some muscle?

Mace s1
Mace s3
Mace s4
Mace s5
Mace s6

Move, you dogs!

Move, move!

Here we go!

Mace m1
Mace m2
Mace m3
Invalid location How do we get there?
Mace m4

They won't know what hit 'em.

They're dead.

They're chicken feed.

Bash 'em, lads!

Mace ATKW1
Mace ATKW2
Mace ATKW3
Mace ATKW4
Heavy target


Smash 'em!

Let's awe 'em!

I'm right behind you!

Mace ATKS1
Mace ATKS2
Mace ATKS3
Mace ATKS4
Marching What, all that way?
Mace m5
Digging moat

What a lousy job!

I 'ate water!

Great... moat diggin'.

Mace Moat1
Mace Moat2
Mace Moat3
Disband We're off.
Mace Disband1

Quotes in Stronghold 2 and LegendsEdit

Action Quote Sound

Your 'Ighness?



The mace boys rule!

Need's some heads crush-ed?

Where's the fight?

Maces ready!

Action stations.

We're ready.

Got some trouble?


Move, you sons of dogs!

We're movin'!

Here we go, here we go, here we go!

Let's get goin'!

Where's the fight?

We'll take care of it.

Just ge'rrus inta battle!

What's goin' down?

Come on!

We're wastin' time here!

Invalid location 'Ow we gonna get there?
Marching That'll take all day!
Aggressive stance We'll kill anythin' that moves!
Defensive stance We'll hold this spot!
Stand ground We'll take care of it.
Patrolling Walk backwards and forwards, over and over again, right. 
Open formation

Spread out!

Defensive knot Clump up.
Column formation Into a column.
Line formation Spread out.
Filling in moat

What a lousy job.

I hate water.

Great, moat diggin'.

Manning rock basket Throw stones, okay.
Manning walls Get on the walls.
Disband We're off!

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