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Meet the Saladin(03:47)
Stronghold Crusader 2, the upcoming sequel is going to be launched in Summer 2014. Read more...
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Stronghold Stronghold is the first game of the Stronghold series published by Firefly Studios in 2001. Stronghold guides us to the Medieval Britain, where a group of lords, led by the Wolf, betrayed the English King and started a civil war across the country. The last hope of the King, Sir Longarm and the player must gather their forces and fight back the Wolf and his evil underlings.

In this 2D real-time strategy game, build an enormous force, manage your castle and crush your enemies to your liking with mighty battering rams and catapults, while defending your empire from the invaders with pitch, strong towers and siege engines! Read more...

Strongholdc Stronghold Crusader is the 2002 successor of the original Stronghold game. This game replays the Crusader campaigns of Europe's big empires against the defenders of the Arabian empires and the Holy Land. In the campaigns, the most notable rivalry occurs between the noble English warmonger, Richard the Lionheart and the kind-hearted but ambitious Arabian conqueror, Saladin.

Crusader brings a twist to the gameplay with the introduction of Arabian units, as well as 8 AI characters with unique strategies and tactics. Most buildings get a recolor and new textures, while the base gameplay concept remains unchanged. Crusader spawned an expansion pack, Stronghold Warchest (2003) and a sequel, Stronghold Crusader Extreme (2008). Read more...

Strongholdce Stronghold Crusader Extreme is the 2008 sequel of Stronghold Crusader. It can be viewed as an expansion for Crusader, but it was released separately from its prequel.

Crusader Extreme focuses on tweaking the Crusader gameplay further rather than the storyline. It has a 20 mission campaign trail and introduces Crusader's 8 AI enemies, with another 8 of them from Warchest. It brings new elements in gameplay by the Lord's special support powers, the endless unit producing outposts and an increased 10.000 unit cap. Read more...

Stronghold2 Stronghold 2 is the 2005 sequel of Stronghold. The game is set in the medieval Britain, where Lord Barclay arranges a revolt against the King of Britain, creating chaos among the country. The King's most loyal knight, Sir William stands up for his cause and on his side, Sir Matthew Steele (the player) emerges from the turmoil. However, he also seeks success. Will he serve his aids, or betray them?

Stronghold 2 is the first game in the series to use a 3D-engine, ragdoll effects and brings a complete overhaul to the game concepts, including military, siege warfare and economics, with the addition of the honor and ranking system. It also features a Peace and a War campaign, a new Siege mode and 12 computer opponents to beat in Kingmaker mode. Read more...

Strongholdl Stronghold Legends is a standalone sequel released in 2006. It is set in the fantasy world of Europe, featuring legendary people of the Middle Ages. Three campaigns introduce the world of British chivalry with King Arthur and the Round Table, the frozen and creepy world of the Baltic with Siegfried the Dragonslayer, and the evil world of Transsylvania of Vlad Tepes (Dracula).

Legends is based on Stronghold 2 gameplay and engine, with a tweak by the introduction of fantasy units, new siege engines and the option to choose of three factions: Ice, Evil and Good. Each faction has different availabilities to various units, unit powers and buildings. Read more...

Stronghold3 Stronghold 3 is the latest game in the Stronghold series released in 2011. It is set 10 years later of the Crusader storyline, where the Wolf, believed to be dead, returns from the void and prepares his vengeance against the player. Will the Wolf be able to complete his revenge?

Stronghold 3 features a new 3D engine with more realistic physics and sophisticated building placement. A war and an economy campaign introduces several missions to beat, as well a siege mode and a multiplayer mode. The gameplay has also seen a tweak, with the introduction of day and night mechanics and a new housing and popularity system, while highly retaining the style of Stronghold 2. Read more...

Richard King Richard I, also known as Lionheart, was a great King of England although he spent most of his time in the Holy Land, trying to conquer the Holy City of Jerusalem for the Pope. He appears in Stronghold Crusader and is a tough opponent. He is known to be complimentary, even in defeat proving that he is a courteous man. Read more...
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This is the newsboard for Stronghold Wiki. For archived news, click here.

11th April: Meet Saladin!
A Firefly video introduces the returning Saladin in Stronghold Crusader 2. Nick explains what to know about this lord and his strategies in a lengthy video here.
28th March: Crusader 2 trail published!
Firefly released a Rezzed trailer for Crusader 2! Watch it here! Additional info is found on the official site.
11th March: "Sire, command us!"
The swordsman returns in Crusader 2. Slow-moving but durable, the swordsman retains his hardiness and close-combat capabilities. He is expensive to recruit, but his statistics make him really a backbone of the army. See more here!
28th February: The Oil pot thrower is introduced!
This Crusader 2 unit is the reincarnation of the fire thrower from the original Crusader. It retains its fire throwing ability, causing severe destruction to friend and foe alike. View the official article here!
18th February: Meet the Arab healer!
A new mercenary unit, the Healer is introduced for Stronghold Crusader 2. This all-round unit is capable of healing friendly units, either focusing one particular unit or just helping out everyone. More information here!
6th February: The sneaky assassin returns!
The Arabic assassin will return in Crusader 2! Appearing in Crusader, this is a favourite unit of many, who utilizes a sabre and a grappling hook to launch surprise attacks. See more about him here!
31st January: New Crusader 2 Unit: the Slavedriver
There is just more information about units. The Slavedriver is a leader of some slaves, who move in one group, with the slaves enjoying protection while standing in his aura. Read the full post here!
27th January: Crusader is about to be released in summer 2014
Firefly Studios announced that Stronghold Crusader 2 is going to be published in Summer 2014. With the staff emphasizing on great gameplay and experience, the game also introduces some changes to tweak the gameplay. Read the full post here!
24th January: Meet the Arabian Sassanid Knight!
Not long after the debut of the Templar Knight, the Arabic counterpart of him has been revealed! Firefly describes it as an 'effective rush unit', having medium armor and health. See its detailed description in the official page.
23rd January: Crusader 2 pre-alpha gameplay!
MrZorro3331 and Pascal from Firefly uploaded a Crusader 2 skirmish match upon fan requests. See the gameplay on this link.
18th January: New SHC2 Unit: the Templar Knight!
A new Crusader unit, the Templar Knight is revealed by Firefly Studios! The Templar is the successor of the regular Knight, being fast on horseback and strong in melee combat. Read the whole article here.
16th January: SHC2 publish information
Firefly Studios posted that they will release Crusader 2 on Steam. Steam features will also be included, such as voice chat, achievements and player invites. More info: here.
15th January: GGSGamer SHC2 preview!
Robert Settle and Dave Jewitt from had their first time with the alpha version of Crusader 2. See how they experienced the gameplay and their first matches here.
19th December: Community Q&A Video released!
Firefly has just released a new community video about the upcoming Crusader 2 game. As usual, Firefly's Nick is going to answer some submitted questions. Check out the video here!
14th December: The horse archer returns
Firefly revealed that the infamous horse archer will return in SHC2. The horse archer will remain a dangerous unit, being able to shoot while riding fast. Along with a speed painting, find a little update on the Facebook page.
Which game concept in Crusader 2 are you the most interested in?

The poll was created at 23:18 on June 11, 2013, and so far 125 people voted.
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