The man-at-arms is a light utility unit in Stronghold Crusader 2.


The man-at-arms is a replacement for the spearman. Men-at-arms can throw their spears as javelins to deal high damage on an enemy target to finish it off with their daggers. The spear regenerates after a short time to become usable again. The javelin can be thrown at units that mount walls or towers, but it can miss and bounce off solid surfaces.


Due to their limited ranged capabilities, men-at-arms can be used in the leading ranks of a charge, softening up enemy formations and defenses with their javelins before switching to melee attacks. Sending them out this way can also be useful for setting off traps and pitch ditches (although the conscript can be more suitable for the task).

Their javelins' damage also allows them periodically to form the first line of a defense. A javelin barrage hurled towards charging enemies can effectively stop a harassment from doing any harm around the walls, as well as they can stop units from demolishing structures and creating breaches in the castle.


Men-at-arms possess little health and they are susceptible to missile fire or prolonged close combat.


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