General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Trading hub
Cost 5 wood (SH, SHC)

300 wood (SHL)
300 wood, 100 gold (SHC2)

Hotkey M

The market is an important trading hub and main building.


Building a market allows a player to buy and sell goods for gold. Trading is done in small packages, with the market accepting bigger packages for selling as goods pile up. The market is interested in profit and therefore it sells its goods for more than it buys them. Trading is the fastest, if not the most efficient way to get gold or goods.

In Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader, a player cannot buy in goods if the stockpile, armoury or granary is full. The player has to wait for space to become available or sell off other goods to free some up. In Stronghold 2, this can only occur in the case of the stockpile.


The market is very essential to have, it is built by all players and usually placed close to the keep. Because its importance, the market is also one of the top priority targets of attacks, since destroying it will temporarily disable the cash flow of a player and forces them to build another one, taking away precious time (SH,SHC).

An additional threat comes from fire. The market itself is a wooden building, which can catch fire and spread flames around, lighting up many buildings and units quickly (mainly caused by fire ballistae from long range. Therefore it is advised to keep some wells nearby, as well as a low stock of wood in order to replace the market.

From Stronghold 2Edit

Stronghold 2 introduced a much faster means of trading: a built-in hotkey combination can be used to trade in higher amounts, opposed to Crusader where the trade quantities are strict. Holding Shift while the trading panel is open will cause to buy/sell 4 times more products.

The market occasionally allows buying smaller quantities if the player has no gold for a complete 5-product package.

From Stronghold LegendsEdit

Stronghold Legends enabled trading at any time and therefore the market got a different function. It got an auto-trade function that frees up or maintains the player's stockpile capacity at a given level. These two levels can be adjusted by a slider for each product type, with the buy level always smaller than the sell level.

Auto-trading thus counts a "luxury" and the market is very expensive to construct, giving an edge in the late-game. The market retained its function in Stronghold Crusader 2.


  • The market is named 'Trading Post' in Stronghold and Crusader.


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