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  • I'm playing Strionghold 2. It says "press QWER at the same time". I do this and nothing happens. I want to see the unit's view. Please Help!

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    • Hello,

      There's no command for such a purpose. QWER are individual keys for rotating and zooming the camera. You need to manually adjust the view so that it shows the field of view of the unit (and you are a great cameraman if you do that :D).

      Another way for accessing views is clicking the "eye" icon left from the minimap. You have 5 extra angles other than the normal one: granary, lord, top-down architect's view (SPACE also activates it), keep, gatehouses. Regrettably, the only unit you can use for this is the lord, but no regular units or civilians.

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  • ...I see you decided to enable them. ^^

    Have you thought about joining this wiki actively?

    I will try to come here sometimes and edit. I can't promise and it likely won't be much, as at the moment the other wiki takes most of my time. :)

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