General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Defensive utility
Cost 10 gold / tile (SH2, SHL)

The moat is a defensive utility, which is used for delaying the advance of enemy units.


Moats are pits filled with water that create an impassable terrain for foot soldiers. Historically they were surrounding castle walls, often in multiple rings, but in Stronghold, they are placable anywhere within friendly territory. Certain units are able to dig the moat tile by tile with their shovels, provided the moat line has been already marked beforehand. In return, enemy units can fill in the moat, creating a sandy terrain in the place of it. Filling in the moat is much faster than digging it, however there is a chance that the diggers "drown" during the process, disappearing from the game.

Only archers, spearmen, macemen, pikemen and engineers can dig or fill in the moat. In Stronghold Crusader, the slave can additionally be used for moat duties.

Stronghold 2Edit

In Stronghold 2 moat behaves in the same way, but its siting is refurbished. Moats are placed by 2x2 tiles, with each tile costing 10 gold to place. In exchange, the moat is created instantly without the need of troops to dig it.

Contrary to the previous games, all ground units except for horse archers, hobilars and mounted knights can fill in.


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