General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Honor production, unit recruitment
Cost 50 stone

500 gold

The monastery is a religion and military building in Stronghold 2.


The monastery is a place for monks, who live isolated from the outside world. They spend most of their time with creating manuscripts and praying, while they sometimes go out and take a rest or take care of their building. When they are done with their creations, they deliver their manuscripts to the Lord. Manuscripts grant 10 honor for the Lord.

These monks do not only pray but train themselves to protect the church. Fighting monks and warrior monks can be trained at the monastery as additional units for battle. They require no weapons and are fairly cheap to hire, but they cannot be assigned to their rally points.


The monastery is a rare sighting, as it is very expensive to build and needs a tremendously large area to site on. Moreover, its honour production rate is very slow compared to other methods and 6 peasants taken away from overall population is very high. However, the monastery have some uses.

The monastery provides few types of units, but decent ones. The fighting monk makes a very cost effective mercenary to use in numbers and he moves fairly quickly, but is vulnerable to missile troops. Warrior monks are less affordable, but they pack quite a punch if using them in a main army, outclassing most melee soldiers while still remaining mass-able if a player has high honour, requiring virtually no gold. Due to their attributes, these two units can make the use of many weapons workshops unnecessary.

The monastery's honor production ability is also a fact that should not be neglected, however its power only shows in the late game when the player's economy is stabilized and he/she becomes more dependent on honour than gold.


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