Olaf Grimtooth
Personal Information
Real Name Olaf Grimtooth
Nicknames The last Viking Warlord
Appears on Stronghold 2
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 50s
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Berserkers
Ranged Troops Axe throwers
Siege Engines Burning carts

Fire ballistae

Olaf Grimtooth is the last Viking warlord, who works as an evil mercenary. Brutal and aggressive, he does everything for gold, including murdering people.

Olaf in the campaignsEdit

Path of WarEdit

Olaf is hired by The Hawk and Lord Barclay to kill Matthew Steele and Sir William. He rides forth and scouts Steele's castle and laughs at how easy it will be to destroy Steele's castle, sending only a few men to do the job. His carelessness proves to be fatal, as Steele kills his vanguards. Unable to find Steele and William, he contacts and pays good money for Edwin to kidnap William. After that, he attempts a siege against Steele's castle alongside The Bull, but leaves with anger when his small army is beaten.

He lures then Steele to Friar Jacob's monastery by lighting up and ransacking it, stealing most of the artifacts found there. He is soon kicked out by Steele just before facing his own death. He attempts to hang Sir William but Steele intervenes and Olaf flees by boat. He does not get far however, as his galley gets stranded on Edwin's lands. He builds up a foothold but Steele travels there to deal with him. He finally meets his end here, once Steele's troops kill off his berserkers and axe throwers.

In KingmakerEdit

Olaf is known as an aggressive and unique player in Kingmaker.

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A castle template of Olaf Grimtooth.

Olaf's castle is reminiscent of Sultan Abdul's castle from Stronghold Crusader. He erects a weak, entirely vulnerable circle of wooden wall with equally placed platforms for axe throwers. Like the Sultan's slingers, these axe throwers have a short range, and are vulnerable to arrow fire, however Olaf's axe throwers are better placed than the Sultan's exposed slingers. Two wooden gates are placed in the north and the south, which are guarded with killing pits, man traps and warhounds. A group of berserkers tend to guard the entrance of the Saxon hall.

Olaf's economy is very simple and focuses on profit. He places many sawpits and iron mines and produces apples and meat. He also grows hops to support an inn for popularity and places several poleturners to make spears to be sold.

Viking raids are not very frequent, but they are powerful. Berserkers can tank incoming melee with decent effectiveness, but the larger threat are his axe throwers; they are usually massed and can easily decimate any unit they reach. Olaf will start laying siege almost immediately so it is highly advised to build stone walls to block his units out.

When it comes to besieging castles, Olaf sends a larger task force with extra artillery and laddermen. Rolling logs and man traps are recommended to kill off his laddermen as his siege will usually be destroyed quickly. If the laddermen manage to place their ladders on your walls, drop them immediately unless you have enough melee to deal with his berserkers or you may be overwhelmed by his sheer power.


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