Here are the quotes of the outlaw.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

Oh yeah? What is it?

You again, eh?

You're pushing your luck...


Are you looking a' me?

Whadoyou wan' now?

Got a bit of... business?


Looking for trouble?

You don't mess with us!




Don't push me.

Do I know you...

You lords, you are full of it!

Enjoy it, don't you?

We're going.


We in business then?

Someone is going to pay.

Get me in the woods.

Invalid location I'm a fool?
Marching This better be worth it!
Aggressive stance Anyone comes by, we'll kill then!
Defensive stance Stay here, men!
Stand ground This is our patch!
Patrolling This is going to be fun...
Open formation

Spread out?

Defensive knot Get in the middle!
Column formation Column... what?
Line formation Do we look like proper soldiers?
Filling in moat

Mugs gain this...

Who wants to dig this sudden moats?

Call someone else do this!

Manning rock basket I can't throw rocks!
Manning walls No cover up there!
Disband We're goin', we're goin'!

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