Ox Tether
Ox tether
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Delivering stone/iron
Cost 5 wood

15 wood (SHL)

The ox tether is an industrial building used for delivery purposes.


Ox tethers are used as a means of stone transportation. An ox is used to carry the stone blocks (and iron bars too in some games) from the quarries to the stockpile. The ox handler is responsible to lead the ox to the correct place. A delivery contains a maximum of 8, 16, or 32 stone blocks.

Oxen can be killed like most of the other animals. When it is killed, its delivery also dies with it, which cannot be retrieved afterwards.

Game differencesEdit

Stronghold, Crusader:

  • The ox can carry 8 stones and the ox handler is used to load it up until its payload is full.

Stronghold 2:

  • Due to the increased use of stone, oxen bring 16 stone blocks with one delivery. When the handler is killed, the ox cannot go back to the stockpile like in the previous games.
  • Oxen are used for delivering iron as well, carrying 8 bars with a full load.
  • Does not require a separate worker to the quarry/iron mine

Stronghold Legends:

  • Tethers are more expensive, but they do not require manpower to operate them. An ox carries 32 stones (but waits for 16 stone blocks to load) with one delivery.
  • Ox tethers can be assigned a rally point, where the ox will go and find the nearest mine/quarry.

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