Pitch Ditch
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Fire trap
Cost 1 pitch

The Pitch Ditch is a trap used for defenses.


Pitch ditches are trenches filled with flammable tar that require pitch to be created. They appear on the screen as a tar-like ditch. People can cross them unaffected, however they can be set alight by flaming projectiles. When done so, the pitch and everything near it will catch fire spectacularly, burning anything near it. Pitch ditches are not permanent and need to be replaced once lit. Adjoined ditches can catch on fire within a short moment, covering a huge area in flames. Pitch ditches can be placed immediately like walls, as long as raw pitch is present in the stockpile. The most common way to ignite pitch is by archers who stand close near a brazier, as they are most effective doing so from a safe distance. Engineers can also pour boiling oil in the same way.



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