Pitch Rig
Pitch rig
General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Pitch producer
Cost 20 wood

 The pitch rig is an industrial structure built on oil fields.


The rig's function is solely producing pitch for the stockpile. It can be built on marshland, where oil is bubbling on the surface. One peasant is required to operate it, who collects pitch into jugs and delivers it to the stockpile. Usually 2 jugs are delivered with one trip.


Pitch is very flammable and therefore it can be used for military purposes.

It can be used as an invisible trap in the form of a pitch ditch, being spread out on a large area, which can be then ignited by a flaming arrow. Upon ignition very high flames appear, which damages friend and foe alike: even fire throwers are fried very fast unless removed from the danger zone.

Pitch can also be utilized by engineers, who can carry hot oil in pots and pour it onto the enemy in very close range. An oil smelter operated by an engineer is needed to heat pitch to a very high temperature and portion it into pots.

Pitch can be also sold in the market for a good profit, if pitch is abundant, although stone, iron and weapons can be sold for a better price.

Images Edit

Pitch Rig

A Pitch Rig in Stronghold


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