Royal food is a resource type in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends. Royal food comes in five types: meat, vegetables, wine, eel and geese. They can be produced and taken to the Lord's Kitchen or Pantry, which can be used then to increase the honor of the player.


Stronghold 2 introduced royal food with the honor system. Feasting is the way royal food could be consumed by the lord, the lady and noble guests. It requires 5 peasants at the Lord's kitchen to hold a feast and the Lord must be returned to his civilian duties. Feasts are held periodically and lasts for quite a time until it ends and gives an amount of honor to the player, which depends on how many types of food was served and how many guests took part in the event.

In Stronghold Legends, feasting is abolished in favour of a smoother gameplay. Royal food is continuously consumed at the pantry. Moreover, Ice and Evil factions have limited access to royal food.

Types of royal foodEdit


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