Take the fight to our enemies, I am launching my attack!
— Sir Grey announcing an attack in Kingmaker

Sir Richard Grey is a strong lord in Stronghold 2.

Sir Grey
Personal Information
Real Name Richard Grey
Nicknames Prating old fool (Barclay)
Appears on Stronghold 2/deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age 60s/70s
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Strategical Information
Difficulty Easy-medium
Melee Troops Spearmen


Ranged Troops Archers


Siege Engines Catapults



Sir Grey, like all lords except Olaf, wears metal armor with a griffin on the chest plate. He also wears a grey cape, in keeping with his name.


Sir Grey, as an old man, often spends time asleep, as proven in the path of peace. In the path of war, he is clearly shown as a man who does not take risks, pulling his men out of Edwin's old territory when Barclay is on the way.

He is also shown to have concern for his King, as he asks Lady Seren where he has gone. He is also shown to know when he is beaten, as shown when you take his place defending Sir William from The Hawk and his Underlings.

Sir Grey in the campaignsEdit

Path of PeaceEdit

In this campaign, it is revealed that Sir Grey has been sent to try and relieve the land of its troubles, but he is ineligible for the task as he spends a lot of his time asleep. Sir Matthew Steele, sent by the King, has to take care of his estates and hold back the outlaws of Quorndon from harassing his properties. Later, he becomes under siege from an enraged Sir Edwin, who is attempting to siege him in revenge for Steele beating him in a contract race. Edwin's troops are defeated and Grey hands his lone estate to Steele for their efforts.

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Sir Grey's castle as seen in the Path of Peace.

Path of WarEdit

In this campaign, Sir Grey is first introduced as an extremely loyal lord who has been fighting against The Bull in the borderlands for over 30 years. It is also revealed that his first name is Richard. Once the monks are safe and the outlaw camp is destroyed, Steele saves Sir Grey from the clutches of The Hawk, dispatched by Lord Barclay to dispose of him.

Sometime later, he arrives to see an unfortunate Sir William, who almost escaped the murder of Olaf with the help of Steele. Grey then stays with Friar Jacob to help him in the rebuilding of his monastery and take care of William. After Edwin's attacks are repelled, William decides to attack their enemies in their own territory, but Grey chooses to fall back once the Hammer and the Hawk is on their way to kill them.

If the player plays the good campaign, he next appears at the siege of Sir William's fort. Grey tried to help William, but seeing his forces outnumbered, he hands his castle over to Steele, who must fight and rescue William. After the death of The Hawk, while Steele and Sir William are held captive by Lord Barclay, he has brought them some help but at that moment, Barclay shoots him in the chest with a crossbow, killing the poor old man.

If the player chooses the bad side of the campaign then he next appears to try and crush the siege by Steele and The Bull against Sir William. If Steele aids The Bull without a large army, then he will probably beat both armies. If you do beat his army, then he is killed in the process.

Castles and StrategyEdit

Sir Grey is a fairly easy opponent to beat in the kingmaker mode and but it is good to have him on your side because he is of course a veteran. His castle is small and modestly powerful.


Grey runs a relatively small economy. He gets iron and stone and produces apples and meat for his peasants. He also grows grapes for wine in the Lord's Kitchen for a small honor boost.


His castle is medium in size and simple-built. A single layer of wall runs in a rough square pattern, featuring a main gatehouse and two round towers with ballistae. Archers are spread out along the walls and some swordsmen guard the keep entrance.


Sir Grey behaves rather aggressively. He constructs an army of spearmen, catapults and several swordsmen, but builds it not as fast as Edwin. Still, this force is a formidable one, but not being reinforced by further troops.

The veteran's attacks are quite large. Grey brings many spearmen and numerous archers and swordsmen. When erecting the siege camp, several catapults and mantlets are built. Archers and catapults with mantlet defense attack first, backed up with the infantry. Laddermen also amass from the siege camp as usual. This attack force is decent, but only swordsmen would remain alive for the majority of the battle because of the high number of unarmored troops.

How to deal withEdit


Sir Grey's attacks are rather easy to whether if you know what you are doing. First, make sure you have towers with ballistae and/or mangonels in them. Add as many archers and crossbowmen as will fit. When his attack comes, you should manage fine. If there is a breach, fill it with knights.

The knights will then kill all of his troops that try and get into the gap. You could also build a sally port and assemble a small army of knights, to deal with most if his troops, horse archers, to give extra missile firepower and hobilars, to dismantle siege equipment.


To defeat Sir Grey, you must have a good attack force. I use around 40 horse archers, 20 knights, 30 macemen, 10-25 swordsmen and 40 spearmen (you don't NEED all these, but it makes life easier). First, build several ballistae and take out his tower ballistae and as many of his archers as you can. Keep some knights nearby to kill any troops that attempt to destroy you ballistae while you do this. If he rebuilds his tower ballistae, destroy them immediately.

Then build some catapults. It is ideal to destroy his towers, so he can't rebuild his ballistae. Try and station some troops where the towers where, to stop Sir Grey rebuilding them.

Afterwards, use your horse archers to mow down any advancing spearmen and your knights to destroy enemy swordsmen. Advance with what remaining troops you have, taking out what is left of Sir Grey's archers and kill him.


For the Kingmaker quotes of Sir Grey, see: Sir Grey/Quotes.

"Olaf is vanquished, HUZZAH!" - Sir Grey at the defeat and death of Olaf

"I Sir Richard Grey, have NEVER been guilty of cowardice" - Sir Grey when he orders his men to leave Steele to deal with Barclay

"What is going on? Where is the King?" - Sir Grey at Lady Seren's abbey

"Sir Matthew! Sir William! Good afternoon! The King thought you could do with a little help!" - Sir Grey, just before his death (Good Path)


  • Sir Grey is the oldest lord in Stronghold 2.
  • He is the only lord to die in BOTH campaigns.
  • Sir Grey's castle is very similar to The Marshall's castle from Stronghold Crusader.
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