The slave is an Arabian unit recruited from the Mercenary Post.


Slaves are the weakest and cheapest units in the game, and usually the least useful. They run around shirtless, carrying only torches, setting enemy buildings on fire, and in most cases they also light themselves on fire. Slaves are fast-moving, and are the only Arab units that can dig/fill moats (SHC).


The slave's place isn't on the battlefield, as their low health and strength means almost instant death from any other troops. They are rather good in raids, attempting to burn and cripple buildings. In numbers, the slave can overwhelm even the strongest units due to the cumulated damage output.

Slaves are most useful in large numbers to dig moats, due to their low cost. If the opportunity arises to set an unguarded castle and economy on fire, then their participation would warm your heart.

Slaves also benefit from the slave driver's defensive aura (SHC2). They get more durability as well as higher resistance when close to the driver so they can quickly charge a vulnerable area and set it on fire without much losses.


  • If your population is equal to the one defined by popularity and housing but you need an extra worker for that farm, stop a facility, buy a slave, retire that slave, launch the stopped facility again. It is performable with any unit, but slave is cheapest and quickest available way to perform this.
  • In single player mode, slave raids are deployed by the Snake, and in larger numbers, the Caliph. They are also used by the Nizar, the Sheriff and Saladin, although only during sieges. In the campaign, slaves are a vital part of the third Saladin campaign (Aleppo).
  • If the Sultan's castle template includes a moat, the Sultan will recruit three slaves to dig the moat. This is only possible by using an AI editor utility,since none of the Sultan's vannila castles make use of moat.


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