Sorcerer's Tower
General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Recruiting evil units
Cost 50 stone

100 honor

Hotkey N

The Sorcerer's tower is a recruitment building for the Evil faction.


The Sorcerer's tower is a small stone building. It looks like a small forge, with a pentagram on the top of it. The tower has a rift open to the depths of hell, with flames bursting out of it, as the demonic creatures appear from the other side. A small fenced area serves as an assembly point for the new units.


The tower is used to create evil fantasy units and the Sorcerer. It is expensive to build, but grants a huge selection of units for the evil player. All units require gold and honor, but they are far more effective than their barracks counterparts. Only one tower can be built and its loss may leave the player very vulnerable if he uses mainly evil units.

List of evil unitsEdit

  • Hellhound: very fast critter that is effective in numbers and harassment.
  • Demon: fiery creature that leaves flames behind and climbs walls.
  • Werewolf: massive and cruel creature that can be catapulted by the werewolf launcher.
  • Vampiric creeper: mysterious unit that can leap walls and convert weaker units to its side.
  • Bat: flying creature that suicides himself by crashing into the ground, creating a huge shockwave.
  • Saxon warrior: cheap mercenary unit that slices everything with its trusty axe.
  • Sorcerer: elite evil unit that can light up an area with fire from a distance.
  • Black dragon: the ultimate unit with limited lifespan, which can blow fire, lighting up a huge area.


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