Here are the quotes of the Spearman in Stronghold 2.

Action Quote Sound

Yes, liege?

Spears, up!

What's our mission?

Ready, sir.


Men-at-arms, ready.

New orders?

To battle?


I'm being... all I can be...

We're confused...

I'm confused...

I'm very confused...

I'm confused!

What is going on?

What's going on???

Aye, what's going on???


Spears, forward!

For our lord!

Moving... out?

It'll be OK, lads.

Remember your training.

Stay close.

Men-at-arms, forward.

We're the best to the best.

Invalid location We can't see a path.
Marching That's a marching, no mistake!
Aggressive stance Go get 'em!
Defensive stance Keep back, spears!
Stand ground We'll guard this ground.
Patrolling Spear patrol assigned, sire.
Open formation

Space out a bit, lads.

Defensive knot Into the middle, spears out!
Column formation Column up, lads!
Line formation Line up, lads!
Filling in moat

Where's my shovel?

How deep is it?

The moat?

We're gonna get soaked!

My boots leak!

Manning rock basket Yes, sir.
Manning walls Men-at-arms, on the walls!
Disband We're off 'ome.

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