The spearman is a light infantry soldier trained at the barracks.


Spearmen are light units that cost little gold and a spear, which means they can be trained in droves. A single spearman is weak, as he wears no armour and therefore can easily be eliminated with archer or crossbow fire. He is fast on foot, able to traverse the map and quickly reinforce positions.

Spearmen can fill in the moat, just as any other soldier.


Spearmen are mainly used for harassment, having no special ability or trait. Their cheapness allows for sending swarms after one another, in an attempt to wear down adversaries' economies and provide distraction. As an alternative to the armed peasant, they can also be used to sweep an area littered with traps so that the way is cleared for the next wave.

Spearmen perform well in defensive tasks as well, as they can be used to push away enemy ladders or mount rock baskets to deal overwhelming damage to enemies drawing near.


For the quotes of the spearman, see: Spearman/Quotes (SH2).


  • Spearmen are fast, but weak due to armour and limited training. If you look their armour closely it resembles mail, which grants excellent defense against slashes, blows and thrusts, but slows down speed of walking due to being made of thousands of iron rings.


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