The spearman is a light infantry soldier trained at the barracks.


Spearmen are light units that cost little gold and a spear, which means they can be trained in droves. A single spearman is weak, as he wears no armour and therefore can easily be eliminated with archer or crossbow fire. He is fast on foot, able to traverse the map and quickly reinforce positions.

Spearmen are also a versatile and unit: they can dig and fill in the moat, as well as they can push off ladders standing against a wall, faring well in the defensive department.


Spearmen are cheap and easy to train in large numbers, as spears are easily manufactured. While they are barely useful at defending or attacking in direct combat, they can be easily used for harassment. They are also the unit with the fastest speed for digging/filling in moats. They are surprisingly effective against knights.

The cheapness of this unit comes at a price however. These soldiers have next to no armour so they are heavily vulnerable to missile fire and the only unit that they can kill on their own is the armed peasant. Even large forces of spearmen can be destroyed with a carefully planned missile barrage.


For the quotes of the spearman, see: Spearman/Quotes (SHC).


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