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Two quarries with some oxen

The Stone Quarry is an important building and the source of stone. This building can only be built on white rocks.

Three stonemasons work here: one man controls the grapple to its place, another worker operates the pulley and a third mason clubs the rocks into blocks. They collect the completed blocks in a small stockpile. The blocks must be carried away by an ox, located at an ox tether.

The oxman loads up the ox with stone and then leads it to the stockpile, unloading its cargo. Stone is essential to build towers, the barracks, walls and gatehouses, but they can also be sold at the market for a good income.

Stronghold and CrusaderEdit

The ox is loaded with 8 stone blocks and delivers the same amount to the stockpile. In skirmish games, it is increased to 12 (without Fear Factor). Stone is also needed to feed catapults and trebuchets. Each stone block provides 2 shots for these siege engines. They can be filled up individually or in a group (capped at 20 rocks per engine). Mangonels don't need to be supplied with stone. Low walls cost half the high wall (0.25 stone per tile) but does not return stone on manual removal. Gatehouses and towers can be fully repaired according to their health. They are bought for 14 gold and sold for 7 gold at the market.

Stronghold 2Edit

Each ox unloads 16 stone at the stockpile, regardless to the game type. Walls require 1 stone per tile and they can be built in three widths. The armoury needs stone besides wood to build. Towers and gatehouses cost much more stone in the latest versions and gatehouses cannot be repaired. However, as a new feature, idle engineers can repair single walls: they all take a single unit of stone and move to a damaged wall. Stone may also be needed for rebuilding ruined bridges and monasteries as quests in the campaigns. They cost 4 gold to buy and 2 gold to sell.


  • In Stronghold 2, stone is also used at wall mounted stone tippers and rock baskets. They need no extra stone to be used or refilled.

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