Wood Camp
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General Information
Available in Stronghold games
Usage Wood producer
Cost 20 wood
(Stronghold Crusader)
(Stronghold 2)

50 wood
(Stronghold Legends)
(Stronghold Crusader 2)

The Stone Quarry is a production building.


The stone quarry is the main source of stone. Three stonemasons work here: one man controls the grapple to its place, another worker operates the pulley and a third mason clubs the rocks into blocks. They collect the completed blocks in the quarry's own stockpile. The blocks must be carried to the stockpile, with the help of an ox (located at an ox tether).

Quarries can only be sited on white rock deposits only.


Stone is quintessential to build defensive structures and fortifications, such as towers, walls and gatehouses. The barracks is also constructed from stone, a main recruitment building. Rock-firing ground engines also need stone to fire ammunition in the 2D Stronghold games.

Walls and towers can be repaired/rebuilt for an amount of stone from the stockpile, as they take damage. Repair is always done to full health; there are no partial repairs.

Later on, when the economy is going strong, stone can also be sold at the market for a good income.


  • In Stronghold 2, stone is also used at wall mounted stone tippers and rock baskets. They need no extra stone to be used or refilled.


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