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Stronghold Crusader offers 8 player multiplay, including the NPCs from the singleplayer campaign.

NPCs just build up their fortress and try to defeat you, but unfortunately they are not even strong enough to hold.

Tip: you can even trap their peasants into their own castle by putting soldiers near the gates,and causing them to be closed automatically. This will destroy your opponent's economy, causing to sell everything. (Sometimes they even get their towers and gates down.) Letting you to finish them easily.

Prior to game start;
You can set the general amount of gold by selecting one of: Normal / Crusader / Deathmatch
You can also set the balance of gold to: Human advantage(2x) / balanced / Computer advantage(2x)

Besides, you can load up a previous multiplay saved game or autosave.

Misc options are;

Strong walls: enabling this causes, walls never get destroyed completely, they remain as half height walls.
No cow throwing: enabling this prevents players to throw cows, with trabuchets or catapults.
No dogs: enabling this prevents players to build caged wardogs.
No rush: This option forbids skirmishes until the set time is over.
Autosave: This options creates an autosave point every set amount of time.
Game speed: This option controls general game speed.

While adding people to your server, you can also set their place in map. (One of the keeps)
Setting teams are also possible.

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