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Mor Lord and mor map...

Crusader Edit

Skirmish with enemy lords (...) Build, defend, plan your strategy...

In Stronghold Crusader, not only you can play preset missions, but you can fight against different AI lords. You can forge alliances, randomize enemies and set starting conditions and other options.

Crusader Trail Edit

Fight through 50 linked Crusader games, defeating both European and Arab lords as you progress for victory.

File:Spoler Alert.gif

Walkthroughs should only be used if you fail to complete the mission on your own!

01 - 25 Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
01. Arrival Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
02. Setting Out Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
03. This Dusty Land Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
04. An Old Friend Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
05. The Arabian Adventure Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
06. The Endless Desert Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
07. Greek Fire Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
08. Sands of Time Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
09. The Oasis Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
10. Land of Palms Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
11. Rocky Valley Sulis Lord Michael Mikando
12.The Creek Kester Lord Michael Mikando
13. Heat of the Desert Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
14. Land of the Arab Kester Lord Michael Mikando
15. Lions Mane Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
16. The Desert Hunters Kester Lord Michael Mikando
17. Realm of the Camels Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
18. A Barren Land Kester Lord Michael Mikando
19. A Date with History Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
20. The Saracens Kester Lord Michael Mikando
21. The Desert Wind Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
22. Red Beak Kester Lord Michael Mikando
23. Flatland Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
24. Death in the Dunes Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
25. The Forgotten Stratego Lord Michael Mikando

26 - 50 Edit

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
26. Vultures Claw Kester Lord Michael Mikando
27. Arabian Knights Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
28. A Place of Rest Kester Lord Michael Mikando
29. Rivers of Blood Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
30. Eye of the Camel Kester Lord Michael Mikando
31. Warning Drums Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
32. The Plains of Atum Kester Lord Michael Mikando
33. Misty River Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
34. The Coconut Grove Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando
35. Moonlight Pass Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
36. The Descent Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando
37. Inferno Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
38. The Assassins Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando
39. Red Skies Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
40. The Dunes Kester Lord Michael Mikando
41. Thunder Hill Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
42. Hope Vally Kester Lord Michael Mikando
43. The Desert Warriors Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
44. A Plague of Sand Kester Lord Michael Mikando
45. Sandstorm Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
46. Nightmare Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando
47. The Lost Sea Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
48. Hades Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando
49. The Mother of All Wars Stratego Lord Michael Mikando
50. Final Victory Sparrow Lord Michael Mikando

51 - 80 Edit

Second Skirmish Trail Walkthroughs (Warchest & Extreme exclusive)

Wiki's Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
51. First Step Lord Michael I Knight
52. Muddy Boots Lord Michael I Knight
53. Holy Water Lord Michael I Knight
54. Terror on Tilos Lord Michael I Knight
55. Bog War Lord Michael I Knight
56. Holy Hole Lord Michael I Knight
57. Tranquil Getaway Lord Michael I Knight
58. Battle on the Delta Lord Michael I Knight
59. The Rapids Lord Michael I Knight
60. Snaking Stream Lord Michael I Knight
61. Mirage Lord Michael I Knight
62. Mangonel City Lord Michael I Knight
63. Blessed Union Lord Michael I Knight
64. On the Edge Lord Michael I Knight
65. Thorn Between Roses Lord Michael I Knight
66. Twist In The Tale
67. The Backhander
68. We're Surrounded!
69. Choke Zones
70. Nobles vs Scoundrels
71. Vantage Point
72. Natural Defence
73. Circle Of Enemies
74. Unholy Matrimony
75. Mirage With Reinforcements
76. Wall Of Death
77. Snaking Stream Rematch
78. Saladin Alone
79. Whirling Death
80. The Big One!

Historical Campaigns Edit

File:Spoler Alert.gif

Walkthroughs should only be used if you fail to complete the mission on your own!

Follow Europe's main army along the route of the first crusade and learn the ways of the desert.
New to castle building? This simple campaign will teach you the basics.

SHC - tcta Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Nicaea - Arrival in the Holy Land Sulis Knight
Heraclea - The Journey South Sulis Knight
Antioch - The Counter-Siege Sulis Knight
Krak de Chevaliers - The Siege of Arqah Sulis Knight
Jerusalem - The Final Assault Sulis Knight

Drive the crusaders out of Palestine with Saladin's Arabian army before there power becomes to great.
Learn the way of the Arabic Fighters and how to use there special abilities.

SHC - sc Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Damascus - The Balance of Power Shifts Sulis Knight
Kerak - Reynald’s Treachery Sulis Knight
Aleppo - Consolidation of Power Sulis Knight
Horns of Hattin - Battle on the Hill Sulis Knight
Jerusalem - Retaking the Holy City Sulis Knight

Follow the kings of Europe in the third crusade and defend the realm from the devastating Arabian weaponry.
This campaign will teach you how to fight against the deadly desert warriors.

SHC - tkc Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Belvoir Castle - Delaying Tactics Sulis Knight
Tyre - Drawing the Line Sulis Knight
Konya - Frederick Barbarossa Sulis Knight
Limassol - The Conquest of Cyprus Sulis Knight
Jaffa - Recaptured Sulis Knight

Fight your way through crusader states bringing arms to bear on the king's enemies.
Learn the basics of Crusader play.

SHC - cs Stronghold Heaven Stronghold Knights
Kingdom of Armenia Sulis Knight
County of Edessa Sulis Knight
Principality of Antioch Sulis Knight
County of Tripoli Sulis Knight
Kingdom of Jerusalem Sulis Knight

Other Walkthroughs Edit

Videos from youtubers and other websites providing information to help complete The Historical Campaign and Crusader Skirmish Missions. is a useful link. This is a series of videos played by SergiuHellDragoonHQ and contains walkthroughs for all the missions from the Crusader and Warchest trails.

Castle Builder Edit

Build peacefully, with just the camels for company!

Custom Scenarios Edit

Design and play your own maps.

SHC - Skirmish

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