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Suggest to the Did you know section on the main page here. Overwritten ones have been put to Dyk template

  • Your Lord in Crusader is approximately 2x better than in Stronghold.
  • Cows can be launched from Trebuchets to spread disease among enemy peasants.
  • Disease clouds can kill a lord in a matter of moments?
  • No AI Opponent in Stronghold 2 ever been seen building a monastery?
  • Cows produce cheese and leather, but don't get butchered into meat?
  • That the Axe Thrower is from Norway?
  • Pikemen can withstand 17 crossbow bolts while a swordsman can only take 12?
  • That Monks in Stronghold Crusaider are undedected by Fire Ballistas?
  • That arabian archer in Stronghold Crusader is stronger than european?

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